The Academy of Architecture Library in Mendrisio has relevance at international level. It is well appreciated for the documentary heritage and for the continuously update of the bibliographic rarity that preserves in it collections, in particular to the artistic and architectural phenomena of Ticino, moreover than the surrounding regions and the Mediterranean area.


Since 2011 the library is a member of artlibraries.net, the international virtual catalog of art history and architecture which is combining the library collections of the most prestigious museums and art libraries in the world.


Currently all collections are contained in a wooden building designed by architects Mario Botta and Aurelio Galfetti, located on the university campus, next to the Palace Turconi.


The Palace Turconi, built to be an hospital in the name of Count Alfonso Maria Turconi in 1738, is now part of the university campus and contains classrooms and workshops for students.


The continued expansion of the collections in the possession of the library led the university to decide to move it inside the ground floor of the Palace.

The project involves the subdivision of the plan in different areas and the organization of the collections in a specific order. The purpose of the project is to enhance the collections and donate to the town of Mendrisio a university and public library worthy of honor of the books it contains.


The main route through the library, which above has small vaults, spins around the inner courtyard and get to the main hall at the rear of the building.


The main access is via the monumental entrance hall, which directly communicates with the ambulatory. This space becomes a reading room and enjoy the beautiful view and the spaciousness of the interior courtyard (used for sculptural art exhibitions).

Along the way, both right and left, we find several rooms, some directly accessible while others are accessible only by employees and teachers or by external appointment. One of these maintains a separate access from the outside by a ramp.


Pursuing, on both sides, there are stairs to the upper floor, which  will continue to be used by the university as study rooms. (A control fitted for the theft of the books is installed in there)


The entire rear wing of the building is dedicated to the library of the normal consultation, even with multiple locations of study, both along the windowed façade and inside the large vaulted rooms.


Carry out this project made me very proud because at the time of my birth the Palace Turconi was still used as a hospital, and is therefore the building where I was born.

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books program