the KITE 






The building consists of 5 rooms, aligned in the shape of a Kite.


The floors are separated by function: the ground floor is the educational area, with a daycare zone and refectory.

The upper floor is the relationship area, with activity classes and leisure areas.


The walking areas aim to help the children organise themselves instinctively.

The step inside and the subsequent stay of the children teach them to wish their mother ‘goodbye’ and enter the community.


The rooms on the ground floor are designed and structured in the shape of a "U“ and overlook the park. On the first floor there are areas around a block body that has two wide windows on both sides.

The downstairs space has been designed with wood-coloured “modular" furniture, each with its own function of storing equipment (shelves, closets and pantries).


A ramp is used to go up and a double-height space visually links the two floors. A zenith lighting path is created from a skylight in the roof.


The two Classrooms upstairs are similar in size and have a higher roof.

Separated by a sliding screen, the floor and the walls of the sleep room are finished with Japanese Tatami (a special flooring material made out of mat).


The covered terrace above the dining room is part of the educational area and is an extended outdoor area for activities.

Externally, the south façade, which overlooks the city, is completely exposed concrete with regular and geometric shapes, structured like life in the city.


Contrastingly, the north side, facing the big park, is made out of a glass, which incorporates special reflective mirrors that create a fantastic and illusory atmosphere whereby the concrete classroom blocks seem to levitate and the park appears limitless.