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the F E A T H E R S



Cohousing is a design concept that contemporary architecture is developing in all cities of the world. The private area of each single unit of a whole has decreased in its square meters surface by about 25%, in favor of a series of communitary rooms, and related services, available to the whole; to s h a r e.

The actual nursery school need more classrooms and will become the childhood main center in the heart of the village.

This extension aims to redesign in a natural and harmonious way, the southern part of the compartment, on a single level, largely from east to west of the garden, within the whole green area thats surrounds it.

The two atriums qualify the interior and link the existing buildings. The oval area is dedicated most to the new classes; a glass dome dominate it. Together those two atriums allow a greater functionality of the interior spaces, which aim to be place to perform different activities; one or more classroom together.

Functionality is enriched in the architectural scheme, in which the layout of the building has a division of the premises which is completely lacking in hallways. 

The upfloor, existing, become completely integrated into the new mainly through the ramp; a slight slope which leads towards a lecture hall - multipurpose room available to the entire childhood center.

Concrete structure guarantees the necessary safety inspired by a anti-seismic type, also able to support the large windows [also fitted with gaskets and earthquake protection].

From outside only a series of symbolic typical "house shape", revealing itself as a whole of windows joined together. 

The ramp that comes out from the backround of the roofs and the existing barrel roof, give those geometries a sense of connection and union.



complex of buildings
complex of buildings
outside view
outside view