This is a project for a thematic path into Lugano City centre.

The idea is to discover with senses the Redde forest, in connection with the Redde Feast: Medieval-themed event held annually in the Redde woods outside the city.


These temporary structures are designed to allow pedestrians in the center of Lugano, to make contact with the woods,  as well as publicize the Medieval event.

The users are invited to go through a series of educational rooms in which, through the senses, is catapulted from the reality of the city to the Redde woods. Will be possible in each room a different approach such as smell odors, noises, sounds, and flavors of the wood.


The entire route consists of 5 houses of the senses, from Piazza Dante to Piazza Manzoni where there is the main building which serves as a stage for small theater productions.


All the structures are made of wood, think for a snap-in mounting and easy installation.

The main sponsors of for this construction is the association " Bosco di Redde ".