Olimpyo is a small apartment on the top of the Muggio Valley in Ticino, Switzerland.

It is a kind of rustic house which has been turned into a modern weekend shelter. 

On 75 square meters it is possible to find all comfort like a small villa.

From the entrance you go to the living area which is an open space room well divided by the furniture.
The sofa is positioned near the big window, enjoying a beauty view of the landscape.

The sleeping area includes a Boudoir which act as a filter between the Bedroom and the Bathroom. The Bathroom is accessible through a sliding door whose frame is a wall-closet which also divide the space into the room.

On the back there are service rooms including the ladder to climb on the rooftop terrace, the laundry and a little storage room.

The outdoor garden is designed with natural stone terraces.
Near to the entrance there is also a Pergola with Barbeque.