Cohousing is a new "home life style" that contemporary architecture is developing in many cities around the world.

The private area of each apartment has decreased by approximately 25%, in favor of a series of communal areas and related services, which residents can share.


The project aims to enhance and promote the area adjacent to the train station in Mendrisio and take charge of the entire area.


The concept started with the idea of the possibility of turning the typical residence on its head, whereby a bridge is created that allows for the construction of 2 elevated residential floors (in contrast to the ground floor) and a large open area under them.


Thanks to the large opening, the newly created courtyard becomes a public park.


The internal construction of the building is characterized by two 70 meter long lintel walls made out of reinforced concrete. The entrance to every apartment is located in the gap created by the beams, moving vertically. The building rises from underground by ‘turning’ on itself and opens up to the two axial directions.


The main entrance is on the communal level. There are six large areas with different functions and activities, namely: the music room, the study room, the large kitchen, the relaxing living room and the main hall that also holds a reception area and guest rooms. All these areas are connected to the large central atrium.


In addition to this level, a second communal level consists of a series of smaller meeting rooms and workshop areas, such as classrooms, and a multipurpose zone including a gym and painting ateliers, which all overlook the park and are easily accessible to the public.


The residential floors are suspended over the park and lie between the treetops. They boast spectacular 360 degree views.