the HAHN HOUSE 地 标





This project came to life during my internship in China. My studio entered a team in an architectural contest for the new seat of the UWC international college in China.

My personal contribution is the iconic ‘totem’ of the campus, the Hahn House Dock.


It is a tall and slender building connected to earth by a walkway bridge.


Its function is that of a dock and a research center for the new UWC International College campus based in the city of Changzhou, China, right at the lakeshore.


The aim of this design is to enjoy the view of the lake and give the campus a totem landmark so as to be recognised and seen from the lake.


The basic design cues of the building are inspired by two cultural Chinese icons : The Asian Junk Boat and the Pagoda.

Its front view is reminiscent of a pagoda roof while its side view resembles the sails of traditional Asian Junks.


It can be considered as a tower, with a central reinforced concrete structure, where there is a lift and all the main services. All the other areas are defined by sliding opening glass walls, enclosed in a metal mesh net that unifies the facade and creates the impression of a sail.


On arrival visitors find a covered terrace on the lake, from which they can take a lift to the viewing deck.

There is a downstairs dock at water level connected to two small boat workshops and service/maintenance areas.


The choice of placing the building directly on the water has been possible thanks to making use of a little distributary of the existing delta, which has solid foundations.


The client was really pleased to recognize two major Chinese Icons inside the building revisited together into something that "reminded both".


sunset render
sunset render