E L E N O R 




Elenor's house is an architectural project of reuse for an industrial building which will turn into residential program.


Aim of the project is to sensitize people on Cohousing and promoting it in Switzerland and in Ticino.


Currently home of a small production on the ground floor and an administrative part on the first floor, the existing building maintains his own general load-bearing system and facades, insulated according to current needs; completed with the reconstruction of a new single-pitched roof.


Externally it relates to the large park on one side and with a residential area of Giubiasco on the other.

The ground floor level remains higher than the surrounding, positioning this building as a kind of "island" in an archipelago.


Inside there are four apartments and three independent rooms.


The centerpiece of the house is the large common room that serves as a kitchen-dining area, connected to all community areas. In this space housemates can eat together or conducting any other activity in communion. Close to the windows in this room there are a special comfortable finish made of Japanese Tatami which distinguishes a relax and tea area.


An equally large common room, with an adjacent large terrace, is located on the first floor where the hallway space becomes a library with study stations connecting the two major community areas of the house and the two levels.


The main services such as laundry, pantry, wine cellar and several available are used in common by all the tenants as well as the large garden and the kitchen garden.


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