2020  Architect

            2019  Republic of Cantone Ticino - Government

            2018  Construction section of Swiss Army and Civil Defense

            2017   Bellinzona, Switzerland.


            2016  Architect

                       Buletti Fumagalli & Associates Architects

                       Lugano, Switzerland.


2014 - 2015  Master Degree in Architecture

                       USI-AMM Academy of Architecture Mendrisio

                       Mendrisio, Switzerland.

                       Degree with honors under the supervision of

                       well-regarded Swiss architect Mario Botta.

                       Cooperation with Bojoy Jain, Antonio Citterio

                       and Go Hasegawa.

                       Humanistic Specialization in Psychology of

                       Architectural Space.


            2013  Junior Architect

                       Virtuarch Architecture Studio 

                       Shanghai, China.


2008 - 2011  Bachelor in Art of Architecture

                       SUPSI - Professional University

                       Lugano, Switzerland.

                       Degree with honors under the supervision of

                       architect Domenico Cattaneo.

                       Cooperation with Remo Leuzinger, Francesco

                       Bardelli,Giorgio Guscetti, Massimo Marazzi.


             2010  Erasmus Student

                        UPV - Polytechnic Institute of Valencia

                        Valencia - Spain.


2004 - 2008  Building Designer Federal Degree

                       SPAI - High school of Design

                       Lugano, Switzerland.

Jasmine Ben Ali
Born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in 1988.


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