A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T      

empathic ♦ designer  


Jasmine obtained in 2015 the Master Degree in Humanistic Architecture with a Specialization in Psychology of Architectural Space and Empathy of Architecture.

Jasmine’s career start at fourteen years old, as apprentice in building design, followed by the Bachelor in Architecture (w.h.) from SUPSI University in Lugano and the Master’s degree (w.h.) under the supervision of the well-regarded Swiss architect, Mario Botta, from USI Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.

During the first diploma has taken part in Erasmus project, an international student exchange program which allowed her to study in Spain at the Polytechnic Institute of Valencia, becoming an important incentive for her future abroad.

After Bachelor Degree has moved to Australia and traveled the Oceanic continent before moving to China, where had a great opportunity and work experience as Junior Architect in a Swiss architecture company based in Shanghai.

To enlarge the education path, decided to attend the USI Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio Switzerland, receiving in June 2015 the Master Degree.

Parallel to architecture, for several years, Jasmine cooperates with a well know company in the fild of Luxury and Fashion in Ticino, as Hostess and Customer Care .

In 2016 starts a 6 months cooperation with the architecture studio Buletti Fumagalli and Associates in Lugano which will let her working on few important and huge pubblic projects in Ticino like the refreshment for the Palace of Justice in Lugano. 

From 2017 Jasmine obtained the nomination on a public function as architect and consultant with the Swiss Army and the Civil Protection office in Bellinzona, becoming the first woman in her state which is covering this position.