Ada is a holiday house with a boat dock, situated on the slopes of Mount San Salvatore, on Lake Lugano.


The aim of the project is to create a relationship between the residential space and the beautiful surrounding lake view.


The walls are completely closed on three sides so as to open up the living space towards the lake and make the most of the views.


It is also possible to access the building by boat: the garden has a mooring dock, private facilities and a wharf.


The construction is on two levels. At street level (first floor) is the main entrance, the heated living space and garden floor, that has additional services including a dock, a storage room, a barbecue corner and a large porch for outdoor dining.


The two levels are connected by an external staircase, which is covered by a concrete cantilevered roof that characterizes the closed facade.


The materials used are reinforced concrete for the walls and wood for the flooring and the roof.


The main facade, facing the lake, has a special wooden frame and sliding glass panels.